For a few years, I have been following my dream of singing professionally and becoming in the process, becoming the higher version of myself. It has been hard because of set backs- such as control (from our community scaring us into norms and what they want us to do) fear (the biggest factor and root of all issues) or non belief to little belief in ourselves. We all know about those don't we? I feel like we must push through every single one of those in order to become a success but we have to be aware of them first. It is extremely hard for an artist to become all that he or she can be because we have to overcome all of these set backs and work on ourselves more than the average person will have to. I am currently working on overcoming these blocks. We set the examples and become the mold people look up to. So, my argument is that artists will forever have to struggle and that is just one spectrum of an artists issues. Not to go off on a tangent into the negative, listing every issue- lets have a look into the positive aspects of artistry.  

       We can overcome the blocks if we put our mind to it and become a success. I believe success is the absence of fear. I say this because a successful person provides a valuable/ unique service to others and they only did this by being completely vulnerable. It is something that the majority has a hard time doing. Taking a risk, believing and trusting in themselves was the formula for this outcome. These people went against the odds in some way and therefore, the trend setters or leaders. When the odds were lined up, they still managed to push through. Taking a risk meant breaking away from the norm to stay in line, suppressing creativity and believing in themselves when they might've been the only one, only because of their strong passion. The job of an artist a lifelong and very tough journey. All successful people are leaders in one way or another. Whether its becoming the first black lady to dominate in a sport, winning an Emmy for best actress, being a great public speaker or being able to set a solid example for youngsters to follow their dreams. All thats needed is first the proper tools and then persistence and determination. I am actually speaking from experience. The best results I ever got was when I was determined and had the outcome made up already in my mind. For example, I didn't let anything stop me from getting into the college of my dreams after community college. I got into City college kind of through the back door when registration was closed, after they didn't accept me when I applied and my GPA was not qualifying. I found a way In just in the nick of time (Ill tell you that amazing story a little later). My point is that once you decide your going to do anything, all possibilities will then unfold before your eyes. New ideas, friends around you, friends of friends or opportunities the universe brings to you will all show up at that time to help you attain it.

      Lastly, I want to tell artists and readers to not get bogged down with the negative possibilities and fears when imagining your dream or goal. Negative thinking will bring just that to you. Try to read positive affirmations to yourself daily to get rid of that negative voice in your head (it really works). Positive thinking about the goal will bring positive outcomes. That voice causes us to doubt ourselves and think bad things that does not help us whatsoever. That is why its essential to get rid of it. Once you accomplish this, you defeated that voice that holds you back and emerged from that "imaginary box"holding you back. NOW, you can do anything you put your mind to and have the outcome YOU wanted. You can achieve anything with the right recipe- Clarity, desire and pure determination! Always respect the artist. Stay inspired and always go after your dream because its always closer than you think. Now that you heard a little about the things every artist needs to accomplish before they are successful, do you have more respect for them, did you learn something new, are you motivated to accomplish your dreams?