What I have learned in my life is that less is more. And authenticity always wins no matter how Ameture it may be. What people love and gravitate to is authenticity and vulnerability. Everyone has insecurities and are looking for the next best way to hide it from others but when someone comes along and is able to put themselves out there with no regret/shame, it is praised. Why? Because secretly everyone wishes they can do the same and be that strong. Vulnerability is strength and it exibits confidence- the single most thing human kind seeks to have. When you think about American culture for example, the most idolized people are celebrities. This is because everyday they are vulnerable and do the things an ordinary person can't do. In a sense they are similar to superheroes lol...but seriously, that is why our culture and other cultures sort of worship celebrities. From wearing racy outfits in front of millions, dancing and singing about as if no one is looking.They are loved and admired for their passion, drive, accomplishing their dreams,confidence and vulnerability. What people should do is get inspiration from celebrities even though it is looked at as kind of cliche. I'm not saying copy the physical (although you can do that if it floats your boat) but take after their drive, confidence and strength. So that aspect of our culture is not completely negative. From them, we can learn to have courage to live our life and chase our dream.we can learn the thing that all human kind I believe in my opinion wants to get back to, and that is authenticity. People take well to it and appreciate one another for it. So there is nothing to be afraid of...besides, fear is a state of mind and is a learned behavior. So step out of your comfort zone and dare yourself a little more each day...even if that means you have to get some liquid courage to help you out..do it. You will feel that much satisfied and happier. I am happy that I learned this from a young age because as my life officially starts, I have this motto, "Be yourself, stay authentic and confidence life will follow".